Saturday, July 20, 2013

20 Weeks & A Poll

Today is 20 weeks!  Baby Chunk is halfway done in the womb and halfway ready to meet the world!!

It's continued to be a super easy pregnancy, I've had periodic bouts of nausea that last a short period of time, my food cravings have largely subsided (except for random, intense cravings with a sudden onset), and my sleep is still pretty good.  I have to use the restroom quite a few times a day, but that's to be expected.

In good news, I've started to feel Chunk baby move around a lot!  It's uncomfortable at times, sometimes it's intense and scares me if I'm not attending to it, but mostly it's kind of cool!  My husband can feel Chunk moving around and he's pretty fascinated by the baby too!

Next Friday, the 26th, we find out the gender.  Or as I have taken to saying it, Chunk-a-gender!  What do you think we're having: Boy or Girl?

I'm going to ask people IRL, on various social media forums, and via email.  I'll tally up the votes and then we'll have the gender reveal!

Boy or Girl?