Saturday, July 20, 2013

20 Weeks & A Poll

Today is 20 weeks!  Baby Chunk is halfway done in the womb and halfway ready to meet the world!!

It's continued to be a super easy pregnancy, I've had periodic bouts of nausea that last a short period of time, my food cravings have largely subsided (except for random, intense cravings with a sudden onset), and my sleep is still pretty good.  I have to use the restroom quite a few times a day, but that's to be expected.

In good news, I've started to feel Chunk baby move around a lot!  It's uncomfortable at times, sometimes it's intense and scares me if I'm not attending to it, but mostly it's kind of cool!  My husband can feel Chunk moving around and he's pretty fascinated by the baby too!

Next Friday, the 26th, we find out the gender.  Or as I have taken to saying it, Chunk-a-gender!  What do you think we're having: Boy or Girl?

I'm going to ask people IRL, on various social media forums, and via email.  I'll tally up the votes and then we'll have the gender reveal!

Boy or Girl?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Announcing Baby C to the Family

We decided to wait until we were almost out of the first trimester before sharing the news of Baby C to the family.  Approximately two weeks before the second trimester began, it was Mother's Day weekend.  Perfect timing to tell the parental units, no?

So Dimples and I put together a card for our moms and included a large photocopy of the ultrasound with "Baby Craig, Coming December 2013" written on it.  Dimples wrote on the back of each envelope: "Do Not Open Until Mother's Day" and off we mailed it.  Wanting to vomit from anticipation, obviously.

On Mother's Day, we called my mom first.  She hadn't opened the card, so we asked her to go open it (both of us were on the speaker phone).  She audibly sighed and we stifled laughter and rolled our eyes at her!  We heard her walk to the garage where the mail is generally kept, and then we heard sniffling as she read the card (emo, emo, emo), and then we heard her scream: "JIM THEY'RE HAVING A BABY OH MY GOD!!!!!" Then we heard her howl with laughter, because my father, who had been taking a shower, heard her screaming, and ran to the garage from the third floor, butt-ass naked, freaked out that she was hurt in some way.  He returned to the shower, finished up, and then got on the phone.  They were both ecstatic and had a ton of questions.  My dad, ever the comedian, ended the phone call with, "Whatever you do, don't fuck up my grandkid!"

We called Dimple's mother, who also hadn't opened the card.  She was receptive, more so than my mother, and opened the card without an audible sigh!  She started to scream as well and then asked a gazillion questions about the baby and when it was due and how I was feeling.

We then called Dimple's father, who had a sneaking suspicion that we were going to have a kid.  We had also sent a Mother's Day card to Dimple's grandmother, who was in the hospital undergoing chemo at the time.  She, in a moment of delirium, told Dimple's father that she received a sonogram of a baby in her email.  And Dimple's father figured it could only be one of two people: Me or his cousin's wife who were pregnant.  So his reaction was somewhat more subdued but still excited.

We called my sister on FaceTime, who was enjoying breakfast on the couch with her husband.  We showed her a picture of the ultrasound over the phone, and she was very confused.  I jokingly said, "Oh, it's just a picture I got off the internet" and then she was so confused and didn't think I was really pregnant.  Her husband sat there and laughed the whole time!  She was pretty pumped and had a gazillion questions as well.

I've since had two more OB appointments, it seems like Baby C is growing well, healthy, and happy.  The baby has a strong heartbeat and is about a week bigger than usual.  Given the baby's bigger size and my husband's family's propensity for "growing them big" (read: 10 pounds is within the norm), we have officially nicknamed the baby "Chunk".

On 7/26, we'll find out whether or not it's a girl or boy Chunk.  Can't wait!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Little Baby C

On May 2, 2013, it was confirmed that we were going to be having a little baby!

About four weeks prior, I was convinced I was pregnant.  I had told my husband that I was late and thought I was pregnant about three weeks prior.  He put it on the back burner, but I was thinking about it on a daily basis: "Am I pregnant?"  "OMG, what if I am?" "Nah, I don't feel pregnant at all, no way!"

And then about two weeks after I told my husband I was late, I repeated the information to him. "Husband, I'm late.  I think I'm pregnant."
Him: "Oh shit."

We went to Wegmans and I grabbed a pregnancy test.  One with two tests, just in case.  I'd like to have empirical evidence to validate my hypothesis.  We went home and I had to pee pretty badly - so I went. And less than two minutes later, there were two lines on the test.  My heart was beating a million beats a nanosecond.  I showed my husband.  Him: "Oh shit."  I was still in disbelief and began reading the insert, which said that there is a 5-10% error rate.  And my husband pointed out that it was for women between the ages of 35 and 45, of which age range I do not belong.  Me: "Oh shit."

So we went to the kitchen, and I spent a good half hour sitting there, drinking water, trying to get the urge to pee again.  Eventually, I was ready and went to the bathroom.  Again, less than two minutes and there were two lines.  I showed my husband.  This time he was convinced and knew I was pregnant.  He became accepting of the fact that we were no longer a dynamic duo, but rather, a little family.

Me, notsomuch.  I was convinced we needed a digital pregnancy test and more tests to be sure.  Because two out of two was not enough to convince me.  So the next day I went and purchased a digital test, with two in a box.  Sure enough, both of them came back with big fat blinking words: "Pregnant".

I called the doctor the next day, told them "I think I may be pregnant" and they scheduled me an appointment for the beginning of May.  Four. Long. Weeks. Away.  Longest four weeks of my life.  Longer than a 5 year old waiting for Christmas Day on the beginning of December.  No joke.

The only symptoms I had, and I use the term loosely, were nausea, fatigue, and the strongest aversion to coffee in the world.  I wanted to tell everyone, but I wasn't 100% convinced.  I waxed and waned with my belief that I was pregnant.  I had never had a vision of myself as a pregnant lady, so somehow it couldn't have been true.

On May 2nd, we had our first appointment.  I don't think I've ever seen my husband so nervous except for the night he proposed.  The ultrasound tech was chatting us up, talking about how it was difficult to see little babies on the screen sometimes, especially when you're only 8 weeks pregnant, and the worst case scenario she would have to do an internal ultrasound, and yadda yadda yadda.  She put the gel on my stomach, put the sensor to my stomach.

Bam.  Baby.  Right.  On.  The.  Monitor.

Not looking anything alien-ish.  A legit head, a legit torso.  A legit baby.  Inside of me.  Our baby.

Both of us: "Holy shit."

The baby is due on 12/8/13.  A Christmas baby!!  I think that's the most wonderful way to kick off the holiday season, with a new little precious baby.  And I couldn't be happier.  My husband couldn't be happier.  I don't know how we're going to work it all out, but really, it'll figure itself out and we're having a baby in December!